Saturday, March 31, 2018

Oh, just write it already

Right now, I sit at my computer watching out the window as my youngest son put the ball on the popper for my oldest son. Our dog, Cooper, runs around through the yard chasing his big orange chew toy. I've just finished the last of what I can do to promote my debut novel "The Lyc-O Factor."

And the first question I've been asked?

What made me write this story?

As most of my family know me, I'm goofy, irresponsible, loving, but scatterbrained, and can't ever finish something before going onto another project.

So how could I finish a full-length novel?

It took a challenge. And I met and beat that challenge. "Lyc-O Factor" was pulled from a folder in my Google Drive where I threw those random little bits that hit my brain like a brick. It written and edited in less than three months. But then it languished in a drawer for almost four years. The manuscript moved around with me between two different states.

And then at the end of 2017, I just said screw it. I wasn't going to be published sitting on my fat butt, so I vowed that I would finish the current project that I was in and get "Lyc-O Factor" ready for publication before my 32nd birthday. So, I pulled it out, dusted it off and rewrote it. I put my designing chops to the test by creating the cover and watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to format a book. I literally threw everything together in less than a week. It took a few tweaks and re-dos, but I finally hit the publish button two days after my birthday.

And my debut novel was released March 31. So not too far off the mark. 

"Lyc-O Factor" is not a light-hearted read. It's quick-paced, but it delves into a lot of dark areas and subjects. But it's about forgiveness and hope, and finding that one little piece that connects every living human being.

But it's me offering this little piece of me to the world. Criticisms and all.

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